Frequently Asked Questions about our Covid Test Kits

1What is Covid 19 PCR test?
Covid 19 PCR Test is a standard test to diagnose Covid 19. It involves a collection of sample by using a throat and nose swab. These collected samples are then sent to a specialized lab to detect the presence of virus (positive result) or absence of virus (negative result) in the individual.
2When will my kits be delivered?
It is advisable to place a request at least 4-5 days before the desired delivery day.
3How will the sample that I have collected through my PCR home kit reach your lab?
An envelope along with a return postage is a part of the PCR home kit package. After collecting the sample, seal it carefully in the provided envelope and post it in the nearest priority mailbox.
4What are possible results of my home swab?
The results you receive would either be positive or negative. Positive indicates the presence of virus while negative indicates absence of Covid 19 virus in the sample. In very small cases, the result could appear as “inconclusive”. This happens when the sample is either not properly taken or not carefully handled. If this result appears, then the test needs to be conducted again.
5Is “day 2 & day 8” PCR test mandatory?
The day 2 & day 8 PCR test is only mandatory for travelers who: a. Have travelled to UK from a Red list country. (Please check updated travel policy b. Are not vaccinated or are partially vaccinated. Individuals who have received full vaccination of a vaccine not approved by UK government also fall in this category. c. Had a positive Day 2 PCR test
6What is an Antigen Test?
Antigen Test (also known as Lateral Flow Test) is a quick, easy and cheap alternative to a PCR test. In this test, a simple nasal swab is taken and applied to the lateral flow device. A picture of the result is then sent to the lab where trained health advisers verify and provide certificate of the result.
7How will the result that I have collected through my Antigen Test kit reach your lab?
After getting the result on your lateral flow device (LFD), take a photograph and send it to our lab through the link provided with your proof of purchase. Our trained health advisers verify the results and provide a certificate in response. The verification process will take place in 2 to 6 hours after the picture of the result is uploaded. (For more details see the instruction manual provided with the Antigen test kit)
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